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Sunrise above clouds from an airplane window

Everything you need to know about a METAR

How do you read METARs when there is so much information? Aviation Routine Weather Reports (METARs) are a must for every flight, but for something so vital they can be difficult to read.

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Icing in WVI

Sometimes you get so used to having great weather 360 days out of the year that those days that it’s not perfect you forget that there are weather hazards that you need to be careful and watch out for. Don’t get complacent and do your due diligence with your weather.

An in-depth look at the IMSAFE checklist

When you preflight the plane you know what you are looking for. Do you know what to look for when you are doing a preflight on yourself? Read this post to find out what to look for when you go through the I’M SAFE Checklist

What is an aviation TFR? How do I fly in one?

Do you know what a TFR is? Do you know how to fly through one? Did you know that you could? What happens if you accidentally fly through one without permission? Find out all about an aviation TFR.

Single Engine Airplane V-speeds

V-speeds are speeds that you should try to memorize for the aircraft that you fly. They are important for your safety and to have the best performance in your aircraft. Do you know what all the V-speeds represent?


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