“Sometimes you don’t know what you want to do until it hits you in the head. That’s what happened to me, I was bounced around in a Cessna 182 on a clear blue day and I hit my head in the ceiling.”

She is a flight instructor, a software engineer, a mom, a wife and so much more.

Using her background as a co-site director for the NASA STEM/ Coderdojo K-12 programs and as an airline pilot, Claudia has used her unique path to help her develop an often quirky but effective way to problem solve and teach others. Claudia’s journey has been fueled by an unrelenting passion for empowering people and sharing what she learned. Since 2011 Claudia has built and trained others on how to fly airplanes, develop mobile and web applications, and find their own path in this world. When Claudia isn’t speaking, teaching, or working she enjoys flying airplanes with her family and reading a good mystery, or suspense novel.

This project started while doing ground work with her student in preparation for his private pilot checkride. He was proficient in every area except for the weather. It doesn’t help that the area where the training was done is pretty much weather free except for some foggy mornings or some rain in the wintertime. However, he wasn’t the first and won’t be the last student that didn’t put the emphasis needed in this area. As a student herself Claudia wasn’t as knowledgeable herself either in this area. It just seems that it’s an area where there needs to be more training, but not FAA training, something more fun. It was through these observations that the CoderPilot Cartoons were born.

Current Experience

Software Engineer – Jack Henry

Flight Instructor – United Flight Services

Founder/Creator – The CoderPilot Cartoons