Increasing Safety, Proficiency, and Currency in General Aviation

The CoderPilot

I create innovative digital resources for all pilots. Whether aspiring, new, or those that have been doing it for a while.


Doing what I can to increase safety, and proficiency in general aviation.

It’s no secret that general aviation can benefit from a better safety record. We can all do our part by taking the time to get a bit more proficient both in the air and in the ground. As a flight Instructor, I want to give you as many resources as possible to help you with the ground portion of this endeavor.

Safety and Proficiency is for Everyone

As a student pilot, you are probably overwhelmed with the amount of information you have to know, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating and it doesn’t have. to be difficult to remember and it definitely doesn’t have to be boring.

As a brand new private pilot there may be areas that you learned to pass the practical test but then forgot due to lack of usage or maybe you just didn’t understand it well enough.

As an experienced pilot who has been flying for years, are there areas that seem rusty or that you tend to remember but need a refresher on?

There is something here for you.

With a combination of blog posts, short animations, and online courses. I want to help you become a safer more proficient pilot, so you can continue flying for many more years.

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What I offer


Weekly articles on different knowledge areas with an emphasis on topics that are critical to safety.


Monthly short animations to make usually tough to understand topics or boring topics, interesting and fun.

Online Courses

Online courses on different topics that are usually not covered in typical ground school sessions or are skimmed.

About Me

Born and raised in the Salinas Valley, I have been a flight instructor for over 10 years and worked in the airlines, but now I am a software engineer who wants to use all I have learned to help you achieve your aviation goal as safely as possible.

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